Speaker Series: Kevin Bortnick and Jakub Winkler

Today on our Speaker Series, we have two speakers tointroduce! One is Kevin Bortnick, a Senior Magento Solutions Architect at Clustrix, and Jakub Winkler, the CEO of Q-Solutions Studio. What do these two have in common? Well, both are on the Developer track of our Breakout Sessions and both of the companies they work for are Meet Magento NY 2015 sponsors!

Kevin BortniKevin Bortnikck, who is a Magento Certified Developer, will specifically be addressing scaling techniques to increase Magento capacity. With over 6 years of Magento experience, Kevin specializes in large-scale eCommerce and highly custom site development. In those six years, Kevin has worked as a Developer or Architect for companies like Submodal, LLC, DrJays.com and BuyerQuest, where he completed many successful projects. These projects included a wide variety of sites, but some to name are Vessel Bags and Mogiv. At Vessel Bags he helped integrate bag creation and customization processes, as well as managed integration with Magento backend; at Mogiv, he built the core site framework, integrated with JAVA API for donations submission and also integrated WordPress. With his vast knowledge and impressive background, we are thrilled to have him on the Developer track of our Breakout Sessions and have Clustrix as a Gold Sponsor!

JakubJakub Winkler, from Q-Solutions Studio, has over 5 years of experience with Magento and over 15 years with PHP. Jakub is a Magento Certified Developer, Front End Developer, Solution Specialist and Developer Plus, along with being an Expert PHP Programmer… wow! As you can probably guess, he specializes in Magento (and eCommerce) and is also able to create customized applications in any PHP framework. As for coding—Jakub does it all himself! If he decides he needs some help, he will ask his Certified Developer Team, but he leaves that up to the client. He can do a myriad of Magento tasks from developing, to programming, to customization, making Jakub a highly skilled, highly regarded developer. At Meet Magento NY, he will use his expertise to tell us about user friendly Magento backend without layout XML… you do not want to miss it!

Find Kevin and Jakub on Twitter and make sure you go to ny.meet-magento.com to stay updated on our Speaker Series and buy your tickets!