Speaker Series: Karen Baker

ADR_MMNY2014_106Meet Karen Baker. Karen has been writing her own programs since age 9… so you can say that she’s experienced! Her passion for IT still perseveres today, as she is the Founder and CEO of WebShopApps.com. Karen attended The University of Hull, where she graduated with a degree in Computer Science. Since then, she has been actively programming for more than 30 years, with 20 years of her professional career in Defense and Financial Systems in the UK.

Throughout her professional career, Karen has broken down barriers in the eCommerce world. When she first began her professional career in IT in 1997, she was a Technical Lead at EDS Defense for three years before becoming a Technical Specialist at Thomson Reuters in 2000. Then in 2008, she started at Zowta Limited, the company behind WebShopApps, as the Director and Technical Lead, going on to become the CEO and Founder of WebShopApps.com. Now, Karen is not only the CEO and Founder of WebshopApps.com, she is the CEO of Zowta LLC, where she is growing the new US office to serve more clients, and is also the Founder of ShipperHQ.

For those of you who do not know WebShopApps.com that well, it is a Platinum Industry Solution Partner with Magento. They have written over 150 extensions since 2008 and it is a world leader in providing extensions, particularly in the shipping space. They love to take on challenges and are well equipped to keep up in this fast paced industry.

And for those of you who may not know much about ShipperHQ, it is a new cloud based shipping solution for eCommerce. This company has revolutionized the world of online shipping and has received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from merchants, web design agencies and logistics partners alike. As the founder of ShipperHQ, Karen is responsible for running the project development team in the US, implementing shipping capabilities within ShipperHQ, working with customers and much, much more.

With her extensive background in making shipping easier and better for all things eCommerce, her presentation at Meet Magento NY 2015 will rightfully be “It’s all about Shipping,” where she will address the impact of shipping on eCommerce. Karen combines her hard work and passion with her belief in quality, service and content, and with all of that comes the perfect recipe for a great product and a great company.

Karen is just one of the many speakers who will provide insight and wisdom on everything eCommerce at Meet Magento New York 2015. If you would like to join us, please go to ny.meet-magento.com to get your tickets! And if you want to see more about Karen, you can find her on LinkedIn, her own website and can check out WebShopApps.com.