Speaker Series: Jerry Eadeh, Aric Watson and Kurt Theobald

hashtag_video_mm15nySimilar to yesterdays Speaker Series, we are going to feature speakers from some of our Sponsor companies. Today, we will feature the speakers from our Platinum Sponsor companies: Nexcess and Nucleus Commerce.

First up, we will do the guys coming to us from Nexcess, Jerry Eadeh and Aric Watson.

Jerry Eadeh is currently the Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Sales for Nexcess. Nexcess has been providing special, highly optimized environments for Magento and WordPress hosting since 2000. As the Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Sales, Jerry is on our Business Track for our Breakout Sessions, and will use his experience working in the eCommerce world to speak about the fundamentals of Magento Hosting. He knows that beginning a new online business can be hard… the amount of decisions a person has to make, the competitors, the time… it gets to be very overwhelming, and that is what Jerry wants to ease. By highlighting some challenges that all merchants come across, Jerry hopes for everyone to learn basic core concepts around hosting to ensure your company’s future and success.

Aric Watson is an experienced developer, having developed websites, systems, applications and tools professionally since 1998. Ten years into his career, in 2008, he joined Nexcess and has worked extensively on client as well as in-house solutions with this company. He also is very experienced in both front and back-end development! With his experience in developing, Aric will be on our Technology/Development Track addressing how to maintain an open source code. His objective is to explain the process of maintaining and developing an open source extension in comparison to proprietary code.

Lastly, from our other Platinum Sponsor, Nucleus Commerce, we have the Founder and CEO, Kurt Theobald. Kurt is focused on creating value in the Magento ecosystem by creating eCommerce “nuclei” that would deliver cohesive, accessible solutions for merchants. And not only has Kurt been successful with Nucleus, he actually was the CEO of 4 other companies, including Classy Llama, a position he still holds. Throughout his professional life, Kurt developed many specialties like leadership training, marketing, sales and financial management, and plan to utilize them on our Business Track for our Breakout Sessions. Kurt plans to address the new age of Magento, offering his prospective on all of the changes that it has seen over the past eight years.

We are so very excited to hear from these experts and to meet the rest of their team at their Platinum Sponsor booths. If you are interested in hearing any of these industry leaders speak, go to ny.meet-magento.com to get your tickets today.