Speaker Series: James Cowie, Luis Tineo, Robert Brodie and Brendan Falkowski

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 1.42.50 PMWith Meet Magento New York 2015 in just four days, the Speaker Series is coming to a close. So today’s blog is jam-packed with speakers on our Tech/Development Track who have not yet been featured. Those people are: James Cowie, Luis Tineo, Robert Brodie and Brendan Falkowski.

James Cowie is a certified Magento developer with a passion for PHP. He has been working with Magento for the past several years, being a core contributor in things like MageSpec and BehatMage. Currently, he works at Session Digital as a Technical Team Leader and is also the co-author of MageCasts. In the past, he has been involved with many other companies like Air Angel, Space 48 and ALLOW, where he also was a Developer. At Meet Magento New York, James will lead a Breakout Session about learning to love testing and will look at what is involved when starting to apply the best testing practices using Behat and PHPSpec.

Luis Tineo has over 8 years of experience in the web industry, specializing in Magento Backend Development. He is extremely skilled in assessing business requirements and figuring out plans for current and future success. Currently, he is a Solutions Architect at BuyerQuest, but has worked at many places in the past as a Developer, a CTO and was even a CEO and Founder. Since 2009, Luis has worked on every version of Magento, including Community and Enterprise and even was involved in some projects like integrating Google Maps with Magento! At Meet Magento New York 2015, Luis will discuss powering global corporate eCommerce with Magento… you do not want to miss it!

Robert Brodie, is a founding partner of SUMO Heavy and a seasoned eCommerce developer and project manager. He has experience developing with Magento and other eCommerce systems for multi-million dollar companies all over the United States. Currently, Robert is the CTO – Head of Technology Experience at SUMO Heavy, where he manages large scale and high-volume Magento projects. He also has experience as a Developer for a few other companies, as well as owned his own company, Brodie Creative Media, for over 6 years. At his Breakout Session, the audience will learn how important it is to analyze your data, and will discuss the different tools and techniques to use to get the most out of it.

Last, but certainly not least, is Brendan Falkowski. Brendan is the Founder of Gravity Department, a company that specializes in web strategy and design consulting. Some of his most recent work includes helping Angry Bird embrace responsive eCommerce, and increasing revenue for Skinny Ties by 42% with a mobile-first, future friend strategy. Brendan has also led numerous tech projects worldwide for Fortune Global 500 companies and now has become internationally known for thought leadership and implementation expertise in responsive design for multi-device eCommerce websites. At the event, Brendan will discuss RWD Along the Conversion Path, where he will detail his thought process and critical steps when designing the conversion path. At Meet Magento NY 2014, he was a hit and we are so excited to welcome him back to Meet Magento NY 2015!

These are some speakers you do not want to miss… make sure you get your tickets at ny.meet-magento.com today!