Speaker Series: GUESS WHO!

hashtag_video_mm15ny“He’s fun, he’s real, he’s your all-in-one Magento eCommerce programmer… Working along with someone who is dedicated to “the right way or the highway” is refreshing in this world of hacks and fixes,” says CK Leach of Thane International. Can you guess whom CK is talking about? Well put your thinking caps on because this is the first “Guess Who” Speaker Series!

For this Speaker Series, the first person that tweets @MeetMagentoNY the name of this speaker will receive a bonus code for half off the price of tickets for the Meet Magento New York event… for 5 people! The winner will find out via Twitter tomorrow September 9th by 12PM, so keep an eye out on the Meet Magento NY twitter to see who wins!

Now, I know you are going to need more information than that to be able to start guessing, so I will give you the rundown of who this speaker is.

This speaker attended the University of Waterloo from 1999-2003 and graduated with Honors with a Computer Science degree. He is currently working Toronta, Canada and if we could classify as a person as two things, we would say Magento and Mountaineering.

This speaker has over a decade of experience working with eCommerce, and is now a consultant, helping companies succeed in building their eCommerce sites. He specifically works with Magento, having exclusively used it since it’s launch in 2008 and is now one of the top Magento specialists in the Greater Toronto Area. Throughout his career, he is been a Software Developer for various companies, a Software Architect at ExtendMedia, a Technical Architect for Virgin Mobile Canada and is currently the CTO at Bit79… which is a HUGE hint! His specialties include Magento Community Edition, Magento Enterprise Edition and just eCommerce in general.

At Meet Magento New York 2015, this speaker will be speaking about a Trailmap of Magento Security, with his goal being to get mid-high level Magento developers thinking more about running secure operations.

And that’s all the clues you get for this “Guess Who” Speaker Series! Look out tomorrow for who the winner is and in the mean time go to ny.meet-magento.com to learn more about the event!