Speaker Series: Eric Hileman, Carl Hartmann and Jonny Dixon

bg-venuesToday on our Speaker Series we are featuring three people who work for three of our Gold Sponsor companies, MageMojo, Temando and dotMailer.

First up is Eric Hileman. This expert is a self-proclaimed “lifelong learner and computer geek.” He has been coding since he was 10, self-teaching himself with whatever he could get his hands on at his local library. Now, he is a distinguished “computer geek” who has worked for numerous companies, including owning several of them. Throughout his career, he has founded or co-founded four of the companies he has worked for, including MageMojo, who he works for currently. As the Co-Founder of MageMojo, Eric truly believes in reversing the downward spiral of modern companies and likes to make sure that his employees are living out the American dream. Eric likes to make sure that his employees are paid well, get great benefits, are in love with their job and basically that they have everything that is under the umbrella of loving what you do and who you work for. So far, they have had great success with this “experiment,” which would be surprising if they did not, seeing as this is something that everyone hopes for in their life! With his many years of expertise and his unbelievable success founding businesses, he is sure to be a hit at Meet Magento NY!

Next up is Carl Hartmann of Temando. Carl is the co-founder and CEO of Temando, a market-leading technology company that is working with some of the world’s largest brands to overcome the challenges of shipping in eCommerce. As the co-founder and CEO, Carl has received 9 honors and awards, including, Entrepreneur of the Year – Northern Region Winner (Technology Category), PESA Excellence Award and Technology Fast 50 Australia Rising Star. He also is an Advisory Board Member on Good360 Australia, a company that is building a central online platform where companies can donate their product, charities can request what they need and individual donors can easily support the causes they love. Carl is another expert among the huge list of experts who will be at Meet Magento NY… it would be a shame to miss him!

Lastly, we have Jonny Dixon of dotMailer. Last year, Jonny wowed the audience at Meet Magento NY 2014, so we are pleased to welcome him back this year! Jonny is currently the Global eCommerce Channel Manager at dotMailer, and has been for the past two and a half years. As the Global eCommerce Channel Manager, he is responsible for growth and success of the eCommerce channel for dotMailer via strategic partners and sales/marketing support. In the past, he has been an Account Manager for dotCommerce, a Technical Manager for dotAgency and also, a Head of Account Management for dotAgency. As someone who has worked for one of the United Kingdom’s top Magento SIs, Jonny thoroughly understands what marketing managers need and how it can be delivered. We are ready to welcome him back to the Meet Magento NY stage in just a week!

As for their presentations, Eric will speak about performance tuning and debugging using stace, Carl will present on how your product’s journey is you’re your customer’s journey and Jonny will be presenting how multichannel marketing can be made easy for B2C. Make sure you get your tickest to Meet Magento NY at ny.meet-magento.com so you don’t miss any of the fun!

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