Speaker Series: A Love Story!

Meet Magento is officially 3 days away! We are getting prepared, running around and finishing up all the last minute things we need to do to make this event happen! This means that this is our last Speaker Series. For our last Speaker Series we are featuring something very special. Ever wonder how you’ll meet your future spouse? As a tech enthusiast, ever day dream it’s at Tech conference? Well for those of you who have, I have some good news for you… it has happened! One of our speakers, Eric Hileman, met the girl of his dreams at Meet Magento New York 2014.

As most romantic movies go, Eric decided to come to the MM14NY on a whim. One of his clients asked him if was going and he thought it would be a nice break from work and a way to talk to some clients… so, he packed up and left for the big apple.

This was a new experience for him; he had never been to a conference before, not even Imagine. That night at the cocktail party, he was in the back of the room having a drink and noticed a girl who sat down across from him. Out of character, Eric waved her over; not knowing what had just came over him. Her name was Xiaofang, and they immediately hit it off, conversation never faltering. Coincidentally, they both loved drawing mind maps, even having the same exact notebook to draw them in… Do you believe me now that this is like a movie?

Before Eric knew it, the night was over, knowing he had to see her again, he asked her on a date and she said yes! They exchanged numbers and left the party but because of the distraction, he left his computer in the ballroom. They ran back in, thankfully finding cleaning staff there keeping his laptop safe and sound. After, he walked her to her train and finally worked up the nerve to kiss her, but right as he went in, she turned and his kiss landed on her cheek. Embarrassed, Eric walked away feeling like something was wrong with him, but still texted her about that second date.

It was the Tuesday after Meet Magento New York 2014 and he still hadn’t heard from her. He was sitting outside of his AirBnB, looking at the beautiful New York skyline, anxiously waiting for her to respond to his last text. Finally, she texted back, and in a sigh of relief and happiness, Eric leaned back and the brightest shooting star fell from the sky (seriously, does anyone have the movie rights to this?) and yes… it was real, Twitter confirmed.

They met the day after that and everything went flawlessly, so much so that that he extended his stay in NYC. On his last day in NYC, they spent the whole day together, meeting her parents, going to MoMA, going to dinner and ending the night in a coffee shop. And even though he wanted to stay, this time he couldn’t but he landed that kiss before he left!D9J-p9IHr6jtBq1-nOULPEKFOFpL4cAp8SRNUq4QX_Y

They continued seeing each other; he would stay throughout the five boroughs in AirBnBs and after a few months, he moved to NYC to be closer to her. Then only a few months later they were married, and as the movies would say… the rest is history!

What a love story! And what a great way to end the Speaker Series, I hope you enjoyed! If you would like to see more pictures of the couple, click here and if you would like to read more about Eric, click here. We look forward to seeing you at Meet Magento New York 2015!