“Ask a Magento Certified Solution Specialist” – A Breakout Session at this year’s Meet Magento New York.

SoftProdigy-Magento-Solutions-Specialists11At Meet Magento New York 2015, we hope all of our attendees are able to interact with industry leaders, network with fellow techies and leave feeling like you really learned something. We have many talented industry leaders coming from all over the world who are definitely capable of inspiring and engaging the audience in their Breakout Sessions and we cannot wait to see all of them!

In one of the Breakout Sessions at Meet Magento New York, the audience will have the opportunity to ask a panel of experts any question they have on all things eCommerce and Magento. This Breakout Session is on our business track and will occur on the second day of the event, September 22, 2015, at 11AM. The panel of experts includes, Jenna Warren of Creatuity Corp., Kimberely Thomas of Interactiv4, Phillip Jackson of Something Digital and Michael Türk of Flagbit. Here is a run down of who these Magento Certified Solution Specialists are:

To prepare for this talk, the panel asks that you think of some questions that you may have so that they can keep the ball rolling and make the most of the time that they have! These experts can surely answer anything eCommerce or Magento related, so come with your “guns a’blazin”! Submit your questions a head of time to ny@meet-magento.com. If you want to be a part of this Breakout Session, make sure you get your tickets today for Meet Magento New York 2015 at ny.meet-magento.com!