Speaker Series: Jan Soerensen and Antony McGregor Dey

The two speakers that we are highlighting today are employees from two companies who are Silver Sponsor of Meet Magento New York 2015: Nosto and Emarsys!


Nosto is a company that is rethinking online marketing automation. They provide solutions for online marketing automation for the global eCommerce industry and now serve over 1200 online stores… in 41 countries! Jan Soerensen, who is currently Nosto’s Head of Customer Success in North America, will be speaking at Meet Magento New York! Jan is a seasoned B2B and B2C eCommerce Manager and he plans to address how personalization technology on Magento is the key to selling to the millennial generation in his Breakout Session. He has vast experience in this industry, including working for Zalando as a Business Development Manager. Throughout his professional career, Jan has always strived for (and reached) a market leadership position, which makes him the perfect person to speak on the Business Track at Meet Magento NY.

Antony McGregor Dey, who is the Director of Marketing at Emarsys, will also be speaking on our Business Track. Antony is also a seasoned expert in the business of eCommerce and plans to address revenue recovery in his Breakout Session. Antony has grown by leaps and bounds in this industry beginning as a General Manager at Serious Business Solutions, growing to be a CTO at Capture-Cam, then to the Chief Marketing Officer at LiveExercise.com, and now currently working at the company he founded, Link.Me and of course, working at Emarsys. He has become a serial entrepreneur, a globally recognized expert on mobile technologies and a seasoned startup executive, while also developing specialties like online marketing, mobile technologies and business modeling. On top of that, Antony has also received many distinguished awards including NETT Magazine’s ‘One’s to Watch’ and The ‘Top 10 Mobile Moguls’ in Australia.

Jan and Antony are two experts who plan to help the audience through the tangled web that is business in the eCommerce world, and you do not want to miss them! Go to ny.meet-magento.com today to get your tickets!