Speaker Series: Keynote Speaker Bob Schwartz


We are thrilled to announce that our keynote speaker is Bob Schwartz of 47B. In the early 1990’s, Bob began to self learn programming and C++, leading him to begin his career in eCommerce by selling computers on Prodigy prior to the internet even existing! Not long after, Bob was hired by Nordstrom to launch and make Nordstrom a leader in eCommerce and spin-off as a separate company, Nordstrom.com. In just 2 years, Bob was able to build revenues from $0 to $100,000,000/year by the second year, making Nordstrom the leader in fashion apparel eCommerce. As his career continued, Bob also worked on sites like Amazon, eBay, Aetna and many others, producing over $1 Billion+ in exits for shareholders and founders.

Most recently, Bob was the President of Magento, where in just 3 years the company went from 40 employees to 400, before the acquisition by eBay. Now, with more than 150,000 companies using Magento around the world, Magento has become a leading technology platform in eCommerce.

Bob’s impact on eCommerce is unlike any other. He has become a pioneer in this field and has created industry leaders in markets such as: Enterprise Commerce Technology, Fashion, Luxury Markets and many more. Overall, he has become an extraordinary company builder and is now recognized as a leader in the field of technology and consumer-facing internet companies.

At Meet Magento New York 2015, Bob will be speaking about his experience building these leading eCommerce companies. His talk will include a wide variety of topics on today’s retail landscape, ranging from The Weaponization of Retail to Commodity versus Brand to his personal insight on how to succeed in this industry. With his experience as his foundation and his goal of having you walk away ready to conquer this market as his drive, Bob’s presentation will be one you do not want to miss! We certainly can’t wait… can you?

Find Bob on Twitter @BobSchwartz and go to ny.meet-magento.com to get your tickets today!