Speaker Series: Joshua Warren and Jenna Warren

At Meet Magento New York 2015, you can expect to hear from many different industry leaders, some who are new to this event and some who are returning. This year, we are pleased to welcome back two veteran Meet Magento New York speakers, Joshua Warren and Jenna Warren of Creatuity Corp.!

Creatuity Corp., a company with offices in Texas and Europe, has redesigned and built brand new websites for over one hundred clients in a variety of industries like clothing retail, investment firms and marketing agencies. When building these sites, they do not only use Magento solutions but they also work with WordPress and Yii platforms, making Creatuity a very well rounded, highly skilled group of individuals. Along with being good at what they do, they pair it with unparalleled customer service. They do not believe in helping a client once and sending them on their way… they take the time to build long-term relationships and want to assist them as their businesses grow. In order to do this, Creatuity operates on a set of core values that they always keep in mind when they work with their clients.

Joshua Warren, the CEO and Founder of Creatuity, graduated from The University of Texas at Arlington with degrees in Computer Science and Engineering. He also earned an M.A. on Leadership Studies, with a thesis entitled, “An Analysis of Entrepreneurial Successes and Failures in the Technology Sector: Does Leadership Matter?” Joshua will be leading a Breakout Session focused on looking at the design and architecture of Magento 2. He will address how to relieve some developer-stress when it comes to moving a client to Magento 2 and he will provide a myriad of ways for developers to extend and customize the system.

Jenna Warren, the Executive Vice President at Creatuity Corp., also attended to The University of Texas at Arlington, where she earned her Master of Business Administration. With 10+ years working in a variety of roles within eCommerce, Jenna has become passionate about the industry and enjoys leveling the playing field for businesses of all sizes. Her one tip to everyone in eCommerce would be “Quit guessing, start testing!” At Meet Magento NY, you will be able to find out more of these tips at her Breakout Session entitled, “Ask a Magento Certified Solution Specialist,” where she will answer questions about anything anything from Magento to project management to eCommerce!

Make sure you go to Meet Magento NY to get your tickets to see Joshua and Jenna, along with many others, at this year’s Meet Magento New York. To learn more about Creatuity Corp., check out their website and find them all on twitter: @Creautity, @JoshuaSWarren, and @MagentoJenna!