Meet Magento New York 2nd Annual Hackathon

600_438983594Want to network with some fellow developers? Come down to the Pre-Meet Magento New York Hackathon that is being sponsored by SUMO Heavy!

These Magento hackathons have been going on since the first one took place in March 2012 in Germany. Now, Magento hackathons span across 8 countries and this will be the second Magento hackathon that will take place in New York City!

If you’re wondering what a hackathon is, to put it simply, it’s a time where people who like to build things all come together, plan out ideas, code, code and do some more coding until they make something awesome. The greatest part about a hackathon is you can make anything you want and be as creative as you want. There are no limits to what you do here, making it a fun and productive atmosphere.

Here are a few tips to know before attending the hackathon:

  1. Decide what you want to get out of it. You don’t want to come to a hackathon without have a goal in mind. The point of the hackathon is to build something with a team you can all be proud of. Decide what you want to do, be imaginative and have fun.
  2. Set realistic expectations. Take a moment and think about what you have always wanted to create and make a plan in your head of how you will achieve it. This hackathon is from 10:30AM to 9:00PM, so make sure you plan strategically within that given time period!
  3. Do your homework. Remember how unprepared you felt in school when you didn’t do your homework? Same thing with the hackathon. For this hackathon, you should have extensive PHP knowledge and some Magento experience, so you can really contribute something!
  4. Come prepared. This hackathon requires your laptop with a clean version of Magento 1.8 installed, a github account and of course come with an idea and be ready to work!
  5. Done is better than perfect. Yes, use your imagination, but at the end of the day, you want something well functioning… see tip #2 again!
  6. Enjoy! This hackathon is to help you take a step back and resolve problems that you face on regular days, so not only will it make your life easier, but we are also going to get food and beers together, so it doesn’t really get much better than that!

The location for this hackathon is still to be determined, so make sure you visit this page to keep yourself updated. Tickets to Meet Magento New York 2015 can be found here but are not required to attend this hackathon.

We look forward to coding with you. :)