Discovering Luz De-León, founder and Senior UX Consultant at Diga33!

Luz de Leon Foto buena

i4: Tell us about where do you work and what is your position.

Luz: I am the founder and Senior UX Consultant at Diga33!. A small Customer Experience Consultancy in Madrid (Spain). We have been solving interface experience problems since 2007 for international clients such as BBVA, Santander Group, BMW and dozens of first level Spanish Businesses.

i4: What is the thing you like most about working in eCommerce?

Luz: There are two reasons why I love working on e-commerce projects:

– Firstly, the challenges it concerns, my client gives me a product with certain characteristics at a given price with associated services and guarantees (eg. delivery or return) and we design a experience that facilitates the client to choose that product and actually buy it.

– Second, because everything we do in e-commerce is measurable in a simple and immediate way for our clients, with our performance, conversion improves or not, no half measures!

i4: Within the eCommerce universe, tell us whom do you know and what would you highlight from them?

Luz: On one hand I know the great success stories: Zara, Mango, Amazon, Apple, Zalando … following their developments and changes. On the other hand, I follow professional cases such as Magento.

i4: Do you know any eCommerce platform? If yes, which one and what is the best about it?

Luz: We work with several, as mentioned before, but we love Magento, because it was the beginning of our platform and because we believe that the large community of developers behind it gives invaluable in optimizing the customer experience.

i4: If you could give an advice to anyone starting an online store, what would it be?

Luz: Most startups leave this analysis to the end, once the store is created and only will carry it out if you have leftover budget. Know that UX design is not paint over something, is to define and create that something is key for the success of an e-Commerce.

The customer experience is the first step that should be planned, together with the definition of the technological solution. The approach which will be the differential value in the shopping experience should be from the beginning, it’s a brand value at such a high level as it can be the logo.

That’s my advice: UX first

i4: What could you tell us about the future of your company? Which are your future steps/goals?

Luz: Diga33! Is facing numerous changes in 2015 regarding its business strategy, one of them is a global agreement with a recognized analytical and measurement company that will allow us to determine in detail the return of our actions. From now, we will integrate as a real partner in the projects of our clients, offering an important part of our budget on a variable depending on results.

i4: And the tricky question… What do you think about interactiv4?

Luz: In 2009 I had the pleasure to meet Nacho Riesco. I designed my first e-Commerce user interface for him, a flash sales furniture and decor site under the name Mooimaak. After this experience we ́ve worked together with lots of different e-Commerce sites and it has become one of the longest lasting and most fulfilling experiences in my professional career.

I think this company is an example of quality and continuous pursuit of excellence in the projects developed, business vision and, of course, in dealing with the client.