Meeting Jonny Dixon, eCommerce Channel Manager in Dotmailer

Jonny Dixon 2

i4: Tell us about where do you work and what is your position.

Jonny: I work for dotmailer a global email service provider who serves over 6000 clients across 150 countries who has a big focus on email automation for online retail.. I am the global ecommerce channel manager so I deal with Solution implementers and technology partners across the ecommerce landscape but specifically within the Magento eco-system.

i4: What is the thing you like most about working in eCommerce?

Jonny: Attributable ROI! The very fact that every decision you make can be easily measured and constantly improved on!

i4: Within the eCommerce universe, tell us whom do you know and what would you highlight from them?

Jonny: I don’t know him personally but I take a lot of inspiration from Tony Hsieh, CEO of – his focus on delivering the best customer service and mantra of re-investing in customer service to let their customers be their marketing is one many online retailers could learn a lot from!

i4: Do you know any eCommerce platform? If yes, which one and what is the best about it?

Jonny: Magento! The market share speaks for itself – 26% of the top 1million ecommerce sites! But there are good reasons for this and in particular the fact that Magento has kept its open-source nature and sense of community. Magento is unlike most others in the fact it brings so many partners together into one eco-system. It provides the merchants choice and keeps everyone on their toes!

i4: Regarding the news and changes happened in the last year in the eCommerce universe, can you tell us which ones do you think are the most relevant or interesting.

Jonny: As I am so close to Magento and as it is the No.1 ecommerce platform I would say the recent developments within ebay group. Its an interesting strategic shift with the introduction of ebay enterprise, marketing services and the consolidation of their other business units such as paypal into a more ‘as one’ offering.

i4: If you could give an advice to anyone starting an online store, what would it be?

Jonny: Start simple! I have seen so many examples where the idea is too grand then implementation becomes to vast, costly and can ultimately put people out of business. Think big, start small and scale quickly – in every aspect of the online business.

i4: What could you tell us about the future of your company? Which are your future steps/goals?

Jonny: dotmailer has big ambitions, our technology is unique in many ways and although we already translate into over 7 languages internationalization is definitely on the cards. We want to be pivotal in helping other markets grow their online businesses. We are constantly evolving our technology and aim to be the ‘no-brainer’ decision for online retailers looking to seriously ramp up the email marketing channel.

i4: And the tricky question… What do you think about interactiv4?

Jonny: All good J – we are hoping to work more closely with you guys very soon!