Discovering Ignacio de Paula, CEO at Ebizmarts

photo-ignacio de Paula

i4:  Tell us about where do you work and what is your position.

Ignacio de Paula: I’m the CEO at ebizmarts.

i4:  What is the thing you like most about working in eCommerce?

Ignacio de Paula: I really like all the innovation and fresh ideas eCommerce brought into the commerce table. It’s incredible how fast we adopted new shopping habits and how all these changes affected the way we trade for products and services. Working in eCommerce is a challenging, demanding and exhausting, but rewarding and enjoyable at the same time, everything happens so fast that’s there’s no time left to get bored.

i4:  Within the eCommerce universe, tell us whom do you know and what would you highlight from them?

Ignacio de Paula: Well, we are 100% Magento since late 2007, so we know a lot of people in the ecosystem, we’re glad to have witnessed and being part of the revolution of Magento in the last 7 years.

I’d like to highlight Roy Rubin, Yoav Kutner, Bob Schwartz and Tim Schulz, with Magento, they created a true revolutionary platform that is yet to reach its peak. What this small company from Culver City (Varien) achieved is remarkable, not only because eBay acquired them, but because how they changed the lives of thousands of merchants, developers, marketers and everyone else that now are part of the Magento thrilling community.

i4:  Do you know any eCommerce platform? If yes, which one and what is the best about it?

Ignacio de Paula: After over 10 years of doing eCommerce I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve tried several platforms like osCommerce, Zencart and a few other proprietary platforms (we even created our own ASP.Net based cart which is still being used by a few customers), but all it all changed in November 2007, the very first time we gave Magento a try, it was love at first sight.

Magento has many, many high points, but the fact that it’s open source and fully extensible make it so appealable, to both, merchants and developers, you can do pretty much anything with it and for all kind of merchants and budgets.

i4:  Regarding the news and changes happened in the last year in the eCommerce universe, can you tell us which ones do you think are the most relevant or interesting.

Ignacio de Paula: eCommerce influence on how commerce is perceived is fantastic, it erased the boundaries between channels, now is not that clear what is eCommerce and what is traditional retail, eCommerce redefined commerce, a few years ago it was multichannel and now it’s all about omnichannel, a seamless shopping experience across all sales channels, and eCommerce was definitively the spark that ignited this revolution.

i4:  If you could give an advice to anyone starting an online store, what would it be?

Ignacio de Paula: Embrace omnichannel, use eCommerce to drive retail sales, use physical stores to enhance the eCommerce experience and don’t be afraid to engage with your customers across all channels (eCommerce, Brick & Mortar, mobile, marketplaces, etc…). Think about Warby Parker or Birchbox, revolutionary eCommerce only startups that now have physical presence, commerce happens everywhere and at every time, engage with your audience 24×7.

i4:  What could you tell us about the future of your company? Which are your future steps/goals?

Ignacio de Paula: We want to help Magento merchants to embrace omnichannel, on that line, in the next couple of years, I’d like to see thousands of stores using our POS for Magento across the globe. And in the next 4-6 years, I’d like to see our company delivering more products and services that help merchants run their businesses more efficiently and profitable, products that simplify their day to day operations by reaching more customers with less effort.

i4:  And the tricky question… What do you think about interactiv4?

Ignacio de Paula: Not tricky at all! We’ve been working with Nacho and Juan for several years now, since the company was founded (I still remember the early days!), we collaborated in several projects and products in our days as a service company and it’s really nice to see Interactive4 grow and evolve as a global company.
Last but not least, I admire their efforts to be always in the spotlight, they are the most recognized Magento agency in Spain, and now with this merge with Kimberely to tackle commerce on both sides of the pond, I’m pretty sure they will become a reference to others in the Magento ecosystem worldwide, keep up with the good job!

PS: Not sure if it fits in the etiquette rules of this interview, but let’s leave it clear, in the Magento ecosystem, no one knows how to party better than Nacho and Kimberely, hats off!