Discovering Jenna Warren, Executive Vice-President in Creatuity Corp.


i4: Tell us about where do you work and what is your position.
Jenna: I am a Magento Certified Solution Specialist at Creatuity, a Magento Partner based in Dallas, Texas. I primarily consult with our Magento clients on Magento best-practices, new Magento site implementation planning, eCommerce strategy and conversion rate optimization.

i4: What is the thing you like most about working in eCommerce?

Jenna: I enjoy the challenge of the constantly-changing environment. You are never done learning, testing and experimenting.

i4: Within the eCommerce universe, tell us whom do you know and what would you highlight from them?
Jenna: I have always admired the Zappos culture and their commitment to their team, customers, and core values. In fact, some our Creatuity Core Values are very similar:

i4: Do you know any eCommerce platform? If yes, which one and what is the best about it?

Jenna: I work exclusively with Magento now, though I’ve worked with other platforms in the past. Magento is a robust platform for growth, and scales with your business. You will never outgrow Magento. I also enjoy how flexible Magento is: We’ve done some truly exceptional things outside of the ‘traditional eCommerce’ realm entirely. You might not even recognize them as being a Magento store at all.

i4: Regarding the news and changes happened in the last year in the eCommerce universe, can you tell us which ones do you think are the most relevant or interesting.

Jenna: The growth in mobile/tablet shoppers has been exceptional. This has presented some new challenges, but also many excellent opportunities for fast-moving companies to gain market share.

I’ve always been interested in eCommerce strategies evolving around experiences, communities, and higher levels of engagement beyond the typical shopping transaction. We’ve seen an increase in this being done well recently. Some experiments have failed, while others have soared past projections. I enjoy challenging the norm and creating new ways for brands to interact with customers on a very deep level.

i4: If you could give an advice to anyone starting an online store, what would it be?

Jenna: You will never be ‘done.’ There is a myth that if you build it, shoppers will come. That is no longer the case in eCommerce. You will constantly be honing your store, brand, and offer. Your job is never really complete.

i4: What could you tell us about the future of your company? Which are your future steps/goals?

Jenna: We have many exciting things going on at Creatuity. One of our missions for this year was eliminating the numerous ‘bad implementations’ of Magento that we see too often. While we’re always happy to help out those merchants, I hate seeing that happen to them. I don’t think its fair that budget and/or timeline causes store owners to have to choose poor quality development/developers. So we released a robust, turnkey version of Magento called Launchpad that allows any business to be able to afford a high-quality, fast-performing Magento store. No longer is budget or timeline an issue. You can read more here: http://

i4: And the tricky question… What do you think about interactive?

Jenna: We are always happy to refer Spanish-speaking eCommerce companies to interactiv4. The culture at interactiv4 seems similar to our culture at Creatuity – we’re all here because we’re passionate about Magento and eCommerce. It’s not ‘just a job’ but something we really love doing.